Website Design

    We will design your website based on what you want. CMS programs use templates to display your information but I will custom design your template and site based on what you want. You don't just pick from a design that looks the closest to what you like but get it designed to suit your requirements.

Website Design


Social Media

    Do you want Facebook, Twitter, Google + or all of them on your website ? We can add buttons to all of these, we can even show live feed from Facebook directly on your site.



Web Hosting | Email Hosting

    We can organise for the hosting of your website, new email addresses and the domain name regerstration while we design your new website or if you already have hosting we can install your new website onto the web host provider of your choice.

Web Hosting | Email Hosting  



CMS (Content Management Systems)

    We use what is know as CMS programs (Content Management System) as the foundation of our websites specalising in the 2 most successfull throughout the world. Once your website is up and running it is easy for you to add or edit the content on your own website. Every website is custom designed to suit your business needs and tasts. 


Photo Galleries | Image Slider

    We can add as many photo galleries or image sliders to your website as you wish. Photos can be added by you anytime 24/7 so you can keep your website up-to-date all the time. You can change the images you have on your sliders also anytime 24/7.



Photo Gallery

Responsive Website designs

    We use a responsive template to ensure your website is usable on all types of devices. Your website will adjust to the size screen you use to view it with which means it will always be readable.